Short summary

The main goal of the project is to increase the involvement and participation of employees of the trade and services sector in EU countries in the processes of managing changes in their workplaces, especially those related to the adaptation of companies’ activities to the requirements of functioning during and after the covid-19 pandemic, by providing them with knowledge and tools to facilitate conscious participation in change management processes.

Objectives of the Project

  • Creating a constructive framework for dialogue between employees ‘and employers’ representatives.
  • Increasing the awareness of employers and employees of the trade and services sector about the benefits of joint decision making regarding the reorganization of the company’s work.
  • Analysis of the extent of participation of employees of the trade and services sector in EU countries in making decisions regarding the work of their companies in crisis situations.
  • Increasing the awareness of employees of the trade and services sector from countries participating in the project about their rights to participate in making decisions regarding the work of their companies

Planned activities

Expected results

The Applicant and Partners expect that project will bring long-lasting results, which can change situation in service sector in term of increasing employees’ involvement in decision making processes during crisis situation:

  • Cooperation between employees and employers initiated by the action and continued after its completion,

  • Raising employees’ awareness of the effective utilization of mechanism allowing them to exercise the influence on decisions to be taken within the company;

  • Raising employees’ awareness of their rights to participate in management processes in thier companies even in the time of crisis;

  • Initiate discussion about influence of covid-19 crisis on the participation of employees in decision making processes in their companies;

  • Helping employers and employees from trade and service sector to realize that crisis situation and necessity of reorganization of work may be done in cooperative atmosphere;

  • Creation of opportunity to present to wider audience good practices in management taking into account opinion of employees during crisis;

  • Development of atmosphere encouraging employers to exchange experiences and give advices about ways of incorporation employees into management processes in crisis situation;

  • Creation of opportunity to transfer the EU acquits to Candidate Countries through incorporation partners from these countries;

  • Exchange of good practices and share experiences between participants of planned project from different countries, cultures, work environments.

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