The Final Conference of the European Project “Employee involvement in decision making” was held on March 23, 2023, in Malaga, Spain, with a hybrid format of both online and in-person attendees. The conference had a total of 32 participants, including representatives from eight co-beneficiary organizations, social partners, and trade representatives from the commerce and service sectors. The conference was moderated by FETICO, and members from the Montenegro and German organizations joined via Zoom Meetings.

The conference began with welcoming words from the Project Leader, Ms Emilia Martín, followed by a presentation of the project members and an overview of the agenda and project activities. Experts then presented on various topics, such as “Model of participation of workers in company decision making in times of crisis,” “Main problems for the participation of employees from trade and services sector in the decision-making processes,” and “Challenges in the labor market as a result of the adaptation of companies to technological and organizational changes.”

During the conference, participants engaged in question and answer sessions and group discussions on the presented topics. The conference ended with a proposal for the Project Follow-Up Agreement and a summary of the day, followed by a closing coordinated by the project manager.

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